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From: Donnelly, James CAPT PEO(T)
To: Maloney, Michael T
Cc: Mclean, Jeff CIV NAVAIR, Code;
Kirk, Joseph NAVAIR;
Humphrey, William W CIV NAVAIR, AIR-6.6;
Drohat, Gregory S. CIV NAVAIR PMA251 PDPM
Subject: ALRE BZ


I understand from our logistics group that you went above and beyond the call of duty to prepare a portfolio containing all of the Peculiar Support Equipment (PSE) that is in use at the Jet Car Test Site (JCTS). Not only does the book contain pictures and rough drawings of dimensions, it also includes procedures on their use. This document will serve NAVAIR well toward being able to account for and ensure that all required PSE is provided to the ship and depot when required.

It is efforts of this nature that truly speak of your desire to be a team player, produce "Top" quality products and support the Navy's mission. It gives me great pleasure to pass on to you sincere thanks to a job truly well done!

VR CAPT Jim Donnelly PMA 251 ALRE
Program Manager
DSN 757-7004
Cell 240-434-5488

April 6, 2012