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Forrest and George,

I am not sure if you know about BRAVO ZULUs (BZ) - They are a pat on the back - a job well done, and/or a feather in the cap so to speak, issued by the commanding officer of a NAVY vessel or Project, to a team or an individual that has performed above and beyond. IT IS A BIG DEAL - in that a commanding officer takes the time to recognize superior effort.

A BZ is a recognition of the team or an individual's superior efforts and it is sent out to the highest levels of command or management. John (BUD) Oriott has been so recognized by the Commanding Officer of the AAG Project for his outstanding work on the Peculiar Support Equipment Analysis (PSE) performed to support JCTS and the AAG Program.

I am pleased to forward the below email I received from the Captain (Commanding Officer) of the AAG Project Capt. James Donnelly. This email recognizes that the people we have on this project are valuable team members to AAG.

I know I tell the guys all the time how wonderful they are and how important the work we do is to the Navy. I also tell them that their long hours are appreciated and important. Sometimes it feel those words coming from me sound like "glad handing" and maybe ALION and Mike appreciate the effort - but the NAVY is blind to our efforts...... WELL the email attached below shows that someone is noticing superior efforts that our staff is putting forward.

John (BUD), along with George and the entire staff you have put in in place over the years at JCTS have done outstanding work - and this includes "A", Leila, and you for going above and beyond "normal" support. For the NAVY and especially the Commanding Officer of the AAG Project to recognize BUD's effort is an OUTSTANDING accomplishment. It reflects well on BUD, and therefore C&H Industrial Services and Alion.

Please pass along my congratulations and appreciation to BUD and the entire team - as I know Bud is a humble man and will share this acknowledgement with the entire team. While the short email forwarded below might not seem like much - let me assure you - it is a tremendous accomplishment for Bud and all of us.

I am PROUD to know and work as a member of the ALION/C&H Industrial Services Team with individuals like BUD participating.


Mike Maloney
Assistant Vice President
Ship Integration Division Manager
Alion Science and Technology

April 9, 2012