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Subject:  Reference for C&H Industrial Services, Inc.
To Whom It May Concern:
The purpose of this letter is to provide my endorsement for C&H Industrial Services, Inc.  C&H installed and aligned the gas and steam turbine generators on the recently completed Liberty Electric Power Project for which I served as project director for Duke/Fluor Daniel.
Duke/Fluor Daniel had the turnkey contract for the design, procurement, construction, and commissioning of the Liberty Electric Power Plant, owned by Reliant Resources, Inc., and located in Eddystone, PA.  This 560 MW, combined-cycle power plant consists of two GE frame 7FA gas turbine generators and a Toshiba 232 MW steam turbine generator.  Fluor Constructors International provided the overall construction management for this project.  Based on their reputation for excellent millwright services and their very reasonable quote, C&H Industrial Services was awarded the contract for installing and aligning these turbine generator sets.  They did an excellent job in performing these services.  The quality of their work was evidenced by the outstanding performance of these turbines during our commissioning of the plant, and their continued good performance today.
Later in the project, subsequent to commissioning the plant, we experienced continuing vibration problems for the twelve 200-horsepower fans in the 12-cell cooling tower installed by the supplier.  Continued unsuccessful efforts by the supplier to correct these vibrations led us to bringing in C&H to review and correct fan alignment.  Once again we were impressed by the excellent results obtained by C&H.  They had a better understanding of the mechanisms causing vibration than did the supplier, and they had the appropriate instrumentation and tools for alleviating this situation.
I highly recommend C&H to anyone looking for quality and professional millwright and rotating equipment installation and alignment services.
 Howard C. Sims
Project Director
Duke / Fluor Daniel, Inc.

 July 31, 2002