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Along with our maintenance personnel we offer carpenter, ironworker, rigging, machining and laborer support on all of our jobs. In addition to our maintenance work, we handle large capital projects, supplying our customers with the latest optical tooling for initial surveying of their projects.

We offer our customers a wide range of optical tooling and laser alignment equipment to handle their precision alignment needs. Utilizing Brunson Optical Equipment, K&E Leveling and Transit Equipment, and Coupling Laser Alignment Equipment.

With a strong background in rigging, we supply our customers with the manpower and equipment to rig and move large pieces of equipment up to 100 tons.

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Our company can also offer a wide variety of aluminum and steel fabrication as well as machining, utilizing our fully tooled fabrication shop. We can greatly assist our customers with their structural steel needs by combining our infield experience and fabrication expertise.

We supply all of our customers with 24 hour emergency service utilizing company owned cellular phones supplied to all of our key personnel. With a fully implemented safety program C & H Industrial Services, lnc. recognizes the importance of good safety practices, assuring our workforce a safe and healthy working environment.

With regular safety meetings and on site safety audits our company takes the necessary steps to maintain safe jobsites. The ability to supply our customers with a wide range of construction services we eliminate our customers burden to deal with large numbers of vendors on one project.

We are a general contractor strongly oriented towards the maintenance needs of our customers, with the supervision and manpower to handle around the clock shutdown work.

Included in our maintenance services, is optical roll alignment, laser coupling alignment, fan, pump and compressor rebuilds, infield welding and conveyor modification.

C & H Industrial Services
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